Comments: How Low Can You Limbo?

You are the most entertaining fetus I know!

(Dear Karmic Wheel: I'M REALLY SORRY!!)

Posted by Mir at February 2, 2005 12:25 PM

Good luck getting anything to the Karmic Wheel -- last time I tried to drop it a note, it returned "Forwarding Order Expired."

Maybe Santa can help?

It is interesting to hear the "sell out/hack vs. artistic purity" argument. Especially from folks who haven't sold anything yet. From my standpoint on the outskirts of my DH's writing group (some established professionals, some barely even writing, and all stages in-between), it's almost funny to see how apoplectic the no-sales folks can get about defending their vision and they'll never sell out. Comparing that with the established folks realism/cynicism is fascinating! I'll forward the link to DH and see what his responses are (there's the initial and then the more thought out one... he doesn't have multiple personality disorder!).

Kudos to you for 1) recognizing that people who aren't in your brain may see things differently and 2) for not CALLING your editor and insisting that SHE take the piss test. Making her letter do it in the house was much safer, career-wise ;-)

Posted by Kestralyn at February 2, 2005 3:20 PM

I would never give up my principles.
I would suspend my principles if it allowed me to harvest gobs of money.
I would then revert back to my principles with the liquid assets in place to enforce my convictions.

Interesting discussion item all around.
as a side note:
Notice the stuff Snoop Dogg endorses now.

Posted by Shawn B. at February 2, 2005 4:19 PM

My apologies in advance if this question was intended more for professionals' reply.
Wow. That's some pretty heavy stuff for a not-even-close-to-being-a-writer-yet guy like me. Probably, I should just be quiet and watch from the sidelines, but I've never been all that sensible. Besides, this is a very pertinent issue for people like me at this stage of the game. I haven't gotten anywhere near this bridge yet. Might not ever. But this issue of What Wouldn't You Do is something I've thought about from time to time and I have indeed wondered just how significant/essential this sort of "flexibility" is for anyone who earnestly desires to write professionally. That is, whether or not this one issue could make the difference between being a saleable writer and being a literary hobbyist. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being "makes all the difference" how would you rate this? Can it even BE rated, given that all editors and publishers are not all the same?

Posted by David at February 2, 2005 7:32 PM

I have no idea. Honestly. Like I said, I'm a fetus, and I wrote what I wanted to write and it sold.


Posted by joshilyn at February 2, 2005 8:27 PM