Comments: Sunday's child is full of...something

Please tell me this was captured on film! For the edification and entertainment of his future wedding guests! I have an entire file of the boys' embarassing moments which I intend to turn into a slide show for their rehearsal dinners. What good is having kids if you can't humiliate them once in awhile? After all, it's only payback for the years of nose-picking moments they're putting us through now! :)

Posted by Amy at December 6, 2004 9:23 AM

Did you video? His future wife would kill for such footage.

Posted by Heather at December 6, 2004 10:45 AM

Very good I needed a laugh this morning. If you did video it, is there any chance that you would share it with your adoring fans?

Posted by Joe at December 6, 2004 11:51 AM

Oooohhhhh Joss. Thank you so much for sharing. Any time I think that my children take the proverbial cake when it comes to embarrassing me at church, I shall fondly recall this story. Thank you. ;)

Posted by Mir at December 6, 2004 11:59 AM

You know, this just goes to show that there's never a wrong time for booger jokes. Still laughing.

Posted by Lani at December 6, 2004 6:02 PM

lol :) Definitely a good happy enjoyable innocent evening.

Posted by Klint at December 7, 2004 8:49 PM

Just spilled coffee from the wrong orifice after reading this, er, special moment. Thanks for the laugh.


PS: Congrats on LEADING the pack with your book this Spring!

Posted by ellie at December 8, 2004 11:50 AM