Comments: A Goat Deferred

Let me be the first to say YEEE-HAW!!! I am dancing around the living room in happiness for you. But I'm NOT surprised! And Harper Lee ain't got nothin' on you, babe...she only wrote ONE decent book! Congratulations!

Posted by Amy at November 18, 2004 2:18 PM

DECENT??!?!? DECENT??!?!

OMG! You must now SMITE your own tongue, redheaded wench! Lee wrote one BRILLIANT, PERFECT JEWEL of a you WELL know!

For more on Amy and Harper Lee, see this entry:

Posted by Joshilyn at November 18, 2004 3:01 PM

Okay, monkey, no more high-fiving the ceiling fan for you. But preen, preen, preen! You've earned it! Oh, and btw,*ahem* I TOLD YOU SO. :-)

Posted by David at November 18, 2004 3:29 PM

Geez, and I thought *I* got to be your day-brightener. Sheesh.
Congrats, dear. You rock.

Posted by Kira at November 18, 2004 4:07 PM

Hee hee. Reminds me of the day I got a letter from TCW accepting an article on spec. Haydn was about 2. I started doing the monkey thing, scremaing, jumping, laughing out loud. He tried to copy me, thinking it was a game. The article was rejected after a million rewrites, etc... but my GOODNESS that excitement felt good. Reminded me why I write.

Why can't Gods in Alabama come out now? I want to read it now. *pouts*

Posted by Heather at November 18, 2004 4:29 PM

SHEESH! All right, already - Harper Lee wrote ONE amazing book. YOU, beautiful tulip, have written TWO. Therefore, you are more amazing in my book. Besides, YOU are my friend. I don't know no Harper Lee! So preen away!!

Posted by Amy at November 18, 2004 5:51 PM

You're so pretty when you preen! The goats can wait! ;)

Posted by Mir at November 18, 2004 6:15 PM

Heee! Congrats! :D

Posted by Klint at November 18, 2004 7:08 PM


Ah, I'm so excited for you!! Cloud 9 is lovely this time of year, innit? :)

Posted by ViVi at November 19, 2004 3:47 AM

Hey, I don't even know you but I'm HOOTY-HOOWing for you! Congrats.

Just dropped by courtesy of BlogExplosion. Am subscribing.

Posted by Alyx Sandborg at November 20, 2004 6:07 AM


Sheesh.... you were only in NYC for a total of maybe 10 days and you're already speaking like a local.
*takes a sip of his cawwfee*

Posted by Matt at November 20, 2004 11:34 PM

Good work.

Posted by Terry at December 4, 2004 12:56 AM